I’ll call this one, “WEIRD WEDNESDAY”….

I’ll call this one, “WEIRD WEDNESDAY”….

Posted 7/22/2009 at 10:48 PM by manyhorsesmane

had the most freaky dream in the wee hours of this morning.
It all started when I realized I wasn’t getting to sleep anytime soon,  between Route 66, the TV show  (1:30am) and just before The Naked City.

Tossed and turned until almost 5am. Just when I thought I was going off to LaLa Land, there was an ear-piercing clap of THUNDER, which woke me out of my slumber – I swear it was right outside the window.
DH was in the kitchen shutting windows when it happened, and swore he saw more than heard the lightning actually emerge from the ground and light up the whole back woods with a “CLAP” that was 10000x’s louder than anything he’d heard before.

By the time I got back from shutting down all computers in our office, I detected the pungent odor of burnt ozone. I have only smelled that one other time in my life, when I was nearly knocked off my feet by an overhead thunderbolt, back in my 20’s. I remember feeling the hairs on my neck rise, right before that happened, and the sound of the air coming alive and a crackling like bacon sizzling. I was thankful it wasn’t me sizzling that day.

After peeling Spaz, our ‘Keet, off the side of his cage, and placing him back on his perch, I went back to try to get to sleep again. No problem this time, I drifted right off. Within an hour, I woke myself up hyperventilating about the most horrific dream I had involving our Spoo, Igor and a rogue black bear that wandered into my dreams….scared the bloody crap out of me, and I could not get back to sleep again
Finally at 7:30am I gave up and got ready for our early-morning walk. Igor was about as ready as I was, NOT!

I hate when I have such vivid dreams, especially when they involve family, and can have potential to come true…..

Tomorrow, I think I’ll go out back and see if I can find the point of origin of that lightning bolt. Maybe I’ll get a cool rock in the deal.

Ohey, I was surprised my hair hadn’t turned totally white during the night~

Sweet Dreams….


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