Christmas Floral Round, 17 years late(r)

I finally finished the Christmas Floral Round, 17 years in the making! It wasn’t hard at all, just loooong overdue!

I started this as a gift for a dear friend (*name withheld to protect the surprise) in 1994.  Life-changing events happened, I moved, then found this in a bag, pattern and all! I even found the receipt tucked inside the  ball! 😀

Oxi-clean is GREAT, it came out perfectly white, age spots disappeared, Billy Mayes would be proud!

It was a bit overcast outside on the morning I took this; I’ll update with a better pic soon!

Christmas Floral Round

Christmas Floral Round

I worked up two other projects real quick in the past couple weeks, why I haven’t been in here as much lately~

This is another gift for another Life Sis, and again, name withheld in case she’s reading 🙂

Black-eyed Susan Doily, Coaster set

Black-eyed Susan Doily, Coaster set

Christmas Floral Round by Margaret Rost
pattern: Leisure Arts #2208, Floral Doilies

I’ve made a coaster to go with another set (gift) and naming it the Purple Coneflower Set:

Purple Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan Floral Coasters

Purple Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan Floral Coasters

Doily pattern: Leisure Arts #? Special doilies for special times

coaster pattern: Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters to Crochet

These coasters take about 2 hours to make, a quick project while enjoying a cup of tea.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennie
    Jul 12, 2009 @ 03:19:01

    This will look stunning on a Christmas table – such festive, crisp and contrasting colours! Where do you buy your coloured cotton from? Britain seems to be sadly lacking in outlets for these, although I’ve managed to find one online shop which might have what I’m looking for.


  2. Sandra
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 11:01:41

    Hello! I get most all my thread from Herrschners in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and since we live so far away, we don’t have much variety around us as well, so I shop on line for most of my needs. I just checked and they do have a UK website, here’s the address: You won’t find better prices anywhere and perhaps if you shop on their UK website, the shipping will be reasonable for you 🙂
    let me know if you need help getting anything-we also ship our products overseas and are quiet familiar with shipping practices. 🙂
    I’m sending you the motif pattern shortly, watch for your email soon!


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