Christmas Floral Round Doily | RIP Billy Mays

I’ve got past the point of no return, this doily is almost done, after beginning it over 17 years ago~I started this as a gift in 1994. Life-changing events happened, I moved, then re-visited project Dec 2008. I have the receipt from the purchase of the red ball of thread, still! 😀

I am seeing light spotting on this project, similar to The Horror….OK, who dribbled coffee on this one too????? OXI-CLEAN TO THE RESCUE!

RIP, Billy Mays, Oxi-Clean Pitchman. You have saved yet another potential disaster.

Christmas Floral Round, start date: July 1, 1992

Christmas Floral Round, start date: July 1, 1992

It is 3 rows from completion here.

This is the book I took the pattern from:

Floral Doilies :  Margaret Rost

Floral Doilies : Margaret Rost


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennie
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 15:42:23

    This is beautiful – I may have to take a leaf out of your book in time for this Christmas! I love the colours in it – they really look very festive. I’m finding it really hard to find coloured thin cotton though.


  2. Sandra
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 19:03:58

    Hi Jennie, thank you for your comment on my Christmas Floral Doily!! I would be happy to run off a copy and post a link, if that would help? buzz me back!



  3. Jennie
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 15:19:14

    That would be fabulous, especially with so much time left before Christmas to get it made! I’m actually just starting to order all the materials to make my Christmas presents now – I got caught out last year by not finishing in time, and I’m determined to be prepared this year!


  4. Pamela
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 06:48:57

    Your work (both crochet and knit) is wonderful.

    I may have to find this book. I think this would make the most wonderful table runner, just extend the oval doily to the lenght you want it.

    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. I hope you’ll return often.


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