Black-eyed Susan Doily

I just completed a favorite little doily, from a pattern in South Maid Special Doilies for Special Times Book 364 Page 13. The original pattern is called “Sunny Morning” and is shown in all white.

I revised the colors and then named it when it was well underway-the fact that I was making it for my Life-Sis Susie, in California, did not have anything to do with the naming until it dawned on me the next day.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

I’m contemplating making another one, this time in lavenders, and naming it Purple Coneflower-THEN it occurred to me it looks like a SUNFLOWER…odear, where does it all end???

I’m working on a dishcloth fun-project for my SIL-she has a condo in Door County, the Cherry Empire of the Nort’, and has decorated her “crib” with all manner of cherries. I thought this would be a fun gift for her~

Cherries for Sis

Cherries for Sis

It’s ridiculously hot and muggy today-Weatherfox says 83, feels like 103, very heavy. My sinus’ are killing me and with the A/C on, owww, my head hurts….


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