New Book Covers | Without a Trace, The Paranormal Investigators Logbook

New Release from Author Troy Taylor & Whitechapel Press!
Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Without a Trace
A Weird Collection of History’s Most Mysterious Unsolved Vanishings!

In previous volumes of the infamous Dead Men Do Tell Tales Series, author Troy Taylor has collected some of the darkest tales of crime, ghosts and hauntings in American history. In this chilling book, he delves into the shadowy world of unsolved disappearances – people who vanished without a trace and were never seen again! These weird tales ran the gamut of the terrifying and the bizarre and include crime victims, lost explorers, ships and people vanished at sea, outdoor disappearances and cases that cannot be anything other than supernatural in nature! This collection of cases includes the mystery of Everett Ruess, the infamous Mary Celeste, the vanishing of Ambrose Bierce, the unsolved mystery of Eilean Mor, the lost colony at Roanoke, the mysterious Franklin Expedition, the riddle of Charlie Ross — America’s first kidapping for ransom, Dorothy Arnold – the heiress who never came back, Glen & Bessie Hyde, the Joyita – the Mary Celeste of the Pacific, Famous, unsolved disappearances of Amelia Earhart, Glenn Miller, Judge Crater, Richard Halliburton, Michael Rockefeller, Percy Fawcett and many more. This is one of Taylor’s strangest books ever and one that will have you turning the pages long into the night!
Available to Order Starting June 24!
The New Book in the Acclaimed “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” Series!

Without a Trace
Mysterious Disappearances & Supernatural Vanishings
Without a Trace
Mysterious Disappearances & Supernatural Vanishings
by Troy Taylor — $16.00

A Ghost Hunter’s Journal by Kelly Davis — $13.00

Are You a Ghost Hunter? Want to own an essential tool for putting together authentic paranormal investigations? Then, you need to order this book for your ghost hunter’s tool kit.

In past volumes of the “Haunted Field Guide Series” from Whitechapel Press, we have offered how-to guides on ghost hunting, books on analyzing photographs, using detection equipment, tracking down graveyard history and more. Now, in this unique workbook, researcher Kelly Davis uses her years of law enforcement experience to create a log for ghost hunters to use for their own paranormal research. Offering space for ten separate investigations, as well as advice on conducting quality research, the logbook offers sections for case reports, equipment, weather conditions, site history, eyewitness accounts, investigation notes, general readings, location floor plans, EVP, photo and video analysis, and final reports. This is a logbook that no credible ghost hunter should be without and investigators will find it essential for their research!
Order Your Copy Now at

*I got credit for the cover photography on the Paranormal Investigators Logbook 🙂


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