Presenting The Graduate

WE DID IT!!! I’m glad she’s my last, the excitement about killed me this time LOL!!!

Pictures aren’t ready yet, I have to get on here and upload them all but I did get one on Honors night, the night before…

Here’s Nats with her Guidance Counselor/buddy, Mr. Schoepf:
Brian Schoepf and Nats, EAHS Grad Night 2009

Brian Schoepf and Nats, EAHS Grad Night 2009

I‘ve got videos and more pictures to upload, and hope to gawd they turn out-the lighting was less than optimal for taking pictures, it was rather dark up front where the Graduates were seated.
Nats’ dad and his wife Angie arrived  on Thursday afternoon. We met them at the front of the HS, where I dropped Nats off, and grabbed a parking spot with little trouble.
We went inside and milled about for about 10 minutes before going in to find seating from which to get good pictures and videos from.The bleachers seemed a good choice, so we parked toward the front, so we’d have a good vantage point.

After the Ceremony, as everyone was making their way down from the bleachers, Angie surprised me by pulling me aside and apologized for her behavior in the beginning of her relationship with the kids’ dad…and then hugged me! I returned the gesture and told her we just all need to move on, like our Graduate is.:) I’m so damn forgiving, I make me sick but I felt better handling it that way, and hope she felt better too. Obviously it has been bothering her and I hope I was gracious enough- a killer migraine threatened my every moment for the entire day and I’m not good at hiding how I feel, so I’m sure my face didn’t actually reflect my feelings at this unexpected act of contrition.

Nats and her boyfriend went out with them afterward for ice cream-their friend, Adam, tagged along for free ice cream.  He’s a Player *snorts!
Friday, her dad and his wife went to The Dells, a Touristy place up north-then Sat, they invited Nats out for breakfast before leaving town. They dropped her off at work on the way out, at 11.

I’m just glad she got to spend time with her dad and Angie-they gave her a super-awesome present after the Ceremony, a plaque Angie made, with Nats Announcement, a small photo of her we sent them, and had all her family in Indiana sign around the picture. It was the most thoughtfully put-together gift I have ever seen, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she opened it up-she just sat there, tears streaming down her face, and I bawled, for her. She’s such a trooper, and I’m crazy-happy for her 🙂

Mike did plan to go to the graduation but was unable to, despite our plans to enlist Jo to babysit Igor. I think Mike has Bronchial Pneumonia~UGH. He’s hacking up a lung going on his 5th weekend, now. He won’t go to the Dr. so I bought him Robitussin, which seems to be helping, finally.We’re stuck in the house for yet another beautiful weekend, so I’m crocheting a doily for CJ for her birthday on the 23rd and I’m almost done with it already.
Anyway, all in all, I am glad it’s all over with. Hope your weekend was a good one-stay COOL!

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