EAHS Class of '09 | Graduation Updates

DD18  got her cap and gown  today, as well as her year book. Evidently, she passed her two big finals this week YAY! 🙂

She was txting me yesterday, freaking out because her online score only showed a partial grade for Chemistry, and it didn’t look good from what we saw first thing that morning…I called her Guidance Councilor and he called over to the Chem. teacher to find out what the story was. Apparently, they had not yet posted the grades in order-her extra credits ONLY were posted, which made it seem she was severly lacking enough grade points…but the teacher said once he posted the finals, it would even things up…and today the grades were out and she did great!!!

There was an Ice-cream Social after school for the entire HS, in which everyone got their yearbooks. Everyone got to go around and have their books signed-Nats had a chance to be with a bunch of her friends, and some of the comments in her yearbook are TOO FUNNY!

OMG, when she came down while trying on her cap and gown, I was caught in a moment, and my mind was taken back to past graduations. I couldn’t speak….8*-)

The Graduate, class of  ’09

Grad Day Practice

Grad Day Practice

grainy cellphone pic, better ones later, I promise 🙂


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