Spookeh Kittehs Doilie – Getting a Headstart

Today was a gorgeous day! Work was a little slow, so I took time away from the office to soak up a few rays.

I started a new doilie today-The Spookeh Kittehs Doilie.

Pattern: Pretty Kitties Doily by Judy Jagel

My first Pretty Kitties was gifted to my oldest daughter when she had her baby girl. Pink was the word of the day, when Baby Rhonda was born 🙂

I’m making this black doilie to commemorate our Halloween Anniversary, and because we are both Classic Hollywood Horror Film Fan-atics. I’m also fond of cats, so the Black Cats in this doilie will be a Puuuuuurrrrr-fect compliment to our “unusual” decor~

This post will be updated regularly to chronicle the doilie in progress, so bookmark the permalink at the top of this post, and I’ll post the final picture when the doily is completed.

Spookeh Kittehs, Day 1

Spookeh Kittehs, Day 1


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