Pinwheel Tablecloth- Oh, the HORROR!

Oh, the HORROR!
I made this tablecloth back in the early 80’s during a time when I was enjoying a bit of down-time, between babies.

Pinwheel Tablecloth

Pinwheel Tablecloth

The pattern is Vintage 40’s and have it here in my collection- will post when I locate it.

Pinwheel motif detail

Pinwheel motif detail

It had what appeared to be a  nasty coffee-and-cream stain on one edge motif, and a few drops on a couple others in the immediate area. It was stiff and very dark, UGH!

The Stain

The Stain

I posted these pictures and my dilema in my Ravelry Forum, in hopes someone could suggest a possible solution that would rid the stain without my having to remove the spoiled motifs.

A couple suggested I use Oxy-Clean and soak it. So when I went to pick up DD18 from work last night, I grabbed a small bottle of Oxy-clean and promptly made a bucket of  water for a soaker. The bottle said to leave in up to 6 hours, but after 3 hours, I could see it needed to stay in longer, so I left it in the bucket in the tub, overnight.

This morning, I was pleased to find The Stain was reduced to a shadow of it’s former self, and now appeared as a faded tea stain.

The Stain, after Oxy-Clean treatment

The Stain, after Oxy-Clean treatment

Another Ravelor suggested I stain the entire tablecloth with coffee (AHA! what a novel idea!) or tea, to bring the newly vivid color down to match The Stain. Oooooo I like that idea! 😀

So, I have it outside drying for now and will come back with my decision shortly-the Jury is still out…

Pinwheel Tablecloth side view

Pinwheel Tablecloth side view

Note: Perhaps I’ll re-stain the entire tablecloth next, rather than redo the 2 motifs involved, rather than try to match the 10 yr old thread…

WAIT: another Ravelor suggested as she cannot see the stain as being that bad at all, why not leave it as is, like part of the cloth’s history to the story. Gives it “Patina, as it were”.

I like that;  Patina, it is! 😀


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