Christmas Floral Round Doily | RIP Billy Mays

I’ve got past the point of no return, this doily is almost done, after beginning it over 17 years ago~I started this as a gift in 1994. Life-changing events happened, I moved, then re-visited project Dec 2008. I have the receipt from the purchase of the red ball of thread, still! 😀

I am seeing light spotting on this project, similar to The Horror….OK, who dribbled coffee on this one too????? OXI-CLEAN TO THE RESCUE!

RIP, Billy Mays, Oxi-Clean Pitchman. You have saved yet another potential disaster.

Christmas Floral Round, start date: July 1, 1992

Christmas Floral Round, start date: July 1, 1992

It is 3 rows from completion here.

This is the book I took the pattern from:

Floral Doilies :  Margaret Rost

Floral Doilies : Margaret Rost

Hearts Galore Doily

I finished CJ’s “Hearts Galore” Doily and sent it off to her on Monday~ she got it yesterday and she loves it!!

Hearts Galore

Hearts Galore

Hearts Galore Doily

Hearts Galore Doily

this one went fast, about 2 days.

O, Shag Carpeting!

It’s been hot and steamy here. The OTR thermometer in the Trailblazer glared 96 yesterday, and 93 today. The A/C has been on for 4 days now. It’s sticky outside, but I’m wearing a thermal hoody in the office. Nuts~

Little did I know what was waiting for us when we came to work today.

I went into the Storage room to get something, and when I turned around, noticed my own footprints leading in. That meant only ONE THING…….water.

O.M. G.

Let me stop and backtrack one moment. Last January, our well pump needed a new bladder-the thing blew out. That was about 5 months after we had to replace the water heater that went out. The water heater was just seconds away from springing a major leak when we discovered it was going Kaput!

I’ve always heard things happen in three’s, and this was the third thing in the past year. Previous to the water heater, we had to buy a new dryer,  in the middle of the winter. No chance of hanging laundry out then unless you wanted your cloths freeze-dried 🙂 We had laundry in every part of the house that weekend; we had already done 2 loads of laundry when the dryer gave up the ghost, no warning, nadda. Lovely.

Anyway, getting back to the Well Pump Bladder episode. When our neighbor Louie came out to replace the bladder, he had to move a drain hose that leads from the A/C unit, to a drain hole in the floor.  Of course, nobody thought to check that  when we turned on the A/C last weekend-who’da thunk??

When we got finished Shop-Vac’ing the carpet, there was about 2 gallons of uggy water in the tank and we could get no more to come up. Now we wait to see if the fan will air-dry it to some degree before deciding if it has to come out.

The Boss is staying away. His combined sinus’ and chest congestion will not tolerate all this dampness, and it’s no better outside today. UGH.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Toodles, Poodles!


Black-eyed Susan Doily

I just completed a favorite little doily, from a pattern in South Maid Special Doilies for Special Times Book 364 Page 13. The original pattern is called “Sunny Morning” and is shown in all white.

I revised the colors and then named it when it was well underway-the fact that I was making it for my Life-Sis Susie, in California, did not have anything to do with the naming until it dawned on me the next day.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

I’m contemplating making another one, this time in lavenders, and naming it Purple Coneflower-THEN it occurred to me it looks like a SUNFLOWER…odear, where does it all end???

I’m working on a dishcloth fun-project for my SIL-she has a condo in Door County, the Cherry Empire of the Nort’, and has decorated her “crib” with all manner of cherries. I thought this would be a fun gift for her~

Cherries for Sis

Cherries for Sis

It’s ridiculously hot and muggy today-Weatherfox says 83, feels like 103, very heavy. My sinus’ are killing me and with the A/C on, owww, my head hurts….

Graduation Pictures

I finally got a chance to go through Nat’s Graduation pictures. I was really disappointed I didn’t get better shots;  a lot of the Ceremony stills were fuzzy, but I hope to have a video uploaded soon,  still on the camera.

Click the images to view larger 🙂

New Book Covers | Without a Trace, The Paranormal Investigators Logbook

New Release from Author Troy Taylor & Whitechapel Press!
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*I got credit for the cover photography on the Paranormal Investigators Logbook 🙂

Hearts Doily for CJ

Started CJ’s birthday project this weekend, it went fast!

Start date: June 11, 2009
Completed: June 14, 2009

Hearts Doily by Cylinda Mathews

Hearts for CJ's Birthday

Hearts for CJ's Birthday

Hearts Doily

Hearts Doily detail

This pattern is available for free.

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