Our Fave Nursery is GONE! :*(

We went over to our Fave nursery down on Pleasant Lake Rd. only to find it chained off and a Keefe Realty sign out front…what happened???

I need to get Roma tomatoes, basil and parsley for my Italian container garden, and some Margarita’s for the front porch. They always look so pretty draped over the rail.

Guess we’ll have to check out Lowes next week, and maybe the weather will stay warm now… looks like more of the same this week, as last. Rain and 60’s to low 7o’s during the day, and low 50’s at night.  At this rate, DH will not get the deck stained until late June-the temps at night have to remain above 60, or the stain won’t dry properly. And if he doesn’t stain, I don’t get to put anything out on the deck.

Soon it will be too late for my container gardens. I’ll have to come up with something out by the Shed Garden 🙂

The Shed Garden

The Shed Garden - Watch out Miss Pepper, the Iron Heron will get you!

So, today, I moved all the cacti out front at the front door. They will get enough sun to flourish, and if they’re happy, maybe even bloom this year.  🙂


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