My First Socks- This time it's Serious~.

I took 2 days off from knitting to prove a point.

NO, I’m not “obsessed” and YES, I CAN quit anytime I want.  I choose not to, so DH will have to deal with my “obsession”.  Besides, it’s good therapy,  I am keeping busy in my down-time and not pestering DH to fix the mailbox that’s been broke since last October when some drunks mowed it down. …I miss not getting a paper on Sunday.

I have been busy actually, with other duties and priorities.

I think it’s safe to go back in the water again-I haven’t knit a single stitch in two whole days, and I’ve actually spoken with another human being once or twice, in order to prove I’m not so deep into my knitting that I cannot communicate above an occassional grunt or “uh-huh” 🙂

SO, today, I’m finishing my sock (foot) and if I play my cards right, might even get to the toe-I’m only about 1 ” from beginning my toe decs. so yeah I can do this!

I just don’t understand how or why one persons “obsession” becomes a problem. I am having fun, what’s the harm in that? I’m being creative, I’m happy doing this, and studies have shown that people need something to occupy their hands and minds during quiet restful times, so that they can function better during a normal work routine. Stress levels are reduces, and there’s a certain sense of accomplishment involved when you can complete a task successfully.

Maybe I am “obsessed”. I digress- I recognize that I have OCD. Never mind the fact there are dozens of varieties of OCD, the fact that I recognize my shortcomings and idiosynchricities. This is my way of handling my OCD, by doing one thing at a time, whatever that thing happens to be at the time, that preoccupation which my brain says it needs to finish, in order to “file” all my thoughts in proper order.

When I am sitting down in a quiet room knitting, it takes my mind away from other thoughts which generate anxiety. It’s like steering your car through a car stress-test drive site pylon pattern-when you focus on one thing, and leave out all outside stimulus, then you are able to accomplish that one thing flawlessly-

Which brings to mind driving while talking on a cellphone. There is no way in this lifetime, my brain could handle this! So it is irritating to me to see others doing it-maybe I’m jealous of their adeptness at thinking and doing two different things? I think NOT! Too many times, we’ve found ourselves in life-altering compromises with other drivers who are talking on a cellphone while making a calculated turn, lane-change, parking or intersection decision.

Wait! Maybe THEY have OCD too and just don’t realize it!! 😀

YIPPY SKIPPY!!  I’m at the toe now, and ready to Kitchener ‘er up!!! Hopefully I’ll have a picture posted of me modeling my TWO SOCKS by weeks’ end!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.