We got Igor a new Frisbee for his Birthday, and he LOVES it!!!

….new satellite receiver

Igor's New Look - Flower Face

Ground Control to Major Igor....

He loves that he can see through the hole in the middle while carrying it back. The Boy is walking on air with his new toy!!

He totally ripped the other one in half over time, not intentionally~ it got a crack one day when it was cold outside and came down on it’s side on the driveway…from then on, it was Igor’s mission in life to try and pull it apart any way possible!

He’s got holes punched in this one already, a cheapo knockoff we got at the Pet Store.

He is a Happy   chasing his new frisbee all over Creation, he sure will sleep good tonight~

*We also gave him a pig ear, his favorite treat-you don’t want to see that, though… 😉


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