Met an Author Today : New Book List in Progress

I just had the extreme pleasure of meeting author Liz Adair-she did a purchase through our store, and when she emailed me, added a link to her blogspot: LIZ SEZ .

Her books sound like just the right mix of romance and intrigue to get me back into reading again-maybe set my knitting needles and crochet hooks aside on a nice afternoon and spend time outdoors with Counting the Cost.

So, I looked up her books in Amazon, to find out she ran a bakery at one time.
My uncle owned a bakery in Lincoln, CA, back in the 40’s; Mom worked for him before joining the military and becoming a Rosie the Riveter or something of that nature~she spent time in NM and met my dad there. They got married in Las Cruces in 1948-

Sam and Laurena Ranelli Wedding pic, 1948

Sam and Laurena Ranelli Wedding pic, 1948

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Then 9 years later, along I came!

Coincidentally, I worked as a baker for Marsh grocery in Indiana many years ago~did  not know about Mom’s working with her brother until one day when she sent me her vintage cake decorating set and told me of her Bakery days.

Pretty darn cool I’ve met 2 authors in as many weeks~ must sell, sell,  SELL to make money so I can work on my book list now!

It’s truly a small world~ Ok I’m done acting like a schoolgirl over this new-found knowledge and going down Memory Lane~
back to work, Sandra!



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