My First Socks, Part Deux and BABY PICTURE!


We got the Announcements done, finally! *happy dancing*  Nat addressed all the envelopes, and I’m popping them in the mail tomorrow~one step closer…where did the time go and what happened to my Little Girl-she’s been replaced by a beautiful young woman- wait, STOP the clock, I want to look back, just one more time before we move on…

Prettiest flower in the garden

My Garden Angel

Squeeeee! CJ sent me a picture of Baby Rhonda-I can’t believe how she’s filled out! She’s looking good, what a doll!

Little Blossom, 3 months

Angel Baby

Angel Baby

Little Blossom, 3 months

*smooches, Little One


Footnote: (pun intended)

My second sock is 3/4 done!  I just turned the heel and working up the instep now 🙂