Baby Rhonda Updates-Time to get the Cross-stitching back out!

CJ called last night~! 🙂

It was great hearing from her, and that everyone is doing great! Her call reminds me I need to get busy on those Graduation Announcements, in the works as we speak, PROMISE!

I had to boost Mommy’s morale yesterday-she is bumming over stuff in general and not being “productive” and I had to remind her, she has the MOST IMPORTANT job in the world (I feel another blog coming on, Watch out, CJ, mom is on a roll!!!)

Taking care of Little One is a touch job and she’s got to give herself more credit where credit is due. Making money to pay a babysitter and gas is not what I consider healthy, when Baby Girl needs her mommy more, right now. Yeah, she’s getting Cabin Fever too,  no doubt-being stuck in the house all day with a tiny baby is a test of  strength-of-mind. Time to get back to the Cross-Stitching, Brat #1!

I keep in touch with her as often as I can. It’s a touch job but she’ll be fine 🙂

Pictures coming soon!

Love ya, CJ, and keep up the good work, you’re a GOOD MOMMY-heck, look at the Teacher you had! 🙂



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