Rip, er TIP of the Day ~ The Gusset, Day 5 Con't.

*Tip of the Day: Do NOT shake creamer before flipping pour-spout.

In other Knit KNews :
I learned what SSK means today-and it wasn’t what I thought it was. 😦

After hunting all over the Internet, a friend pointed me to another great Knit Tutorials website,

The Opal Sideways Sock pattern courtesy of Jo An of and Zwerger Yarns. Now, THAT is one crazy pair of socks!!

For my toe, the following will be applied:

For a dec at the toe:

On the 1st dpn:——-k to last 3 st, then k2Tog, k1.

On the 2nd dpn:  kl, ssk, then knit to the last 3 sts on this needle, and k2tog.

On the 3rd dpn:  k1, ssk, k to end.

ssk means you slip two stitches on the other needle, then back to the other needle, then knit the two stitches together.

This give a slant to the decrease.

back to work, while the sun still shines!



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