Horse Feathers

We had a photo shoot with N. on a horse today! C.’s mom owns a horse which she has boarded at her friend, M.’s farm.

We were invited out  to her friends ranch this afternoon, to let N. have her photo taken for her Graduation Pack-we’re doing all sorts of pictorials, just to see what comes out best. It was crazy-windy, so we took most of the shots inside their indoor arena, where the lighting was more subdued. A 6-toed cat officiated over the proceedings 🙂

The horse, “Bubba”,  is a beautiful and gentle black gelding, with a very calm disposition. By the time we got there, they had him all brushed down and his coat was so sleek and shiny, he looked like he just stepped into the Winners Circle at the Preakness!

He must be the most-photographed horse in Walworth County,  as he has been to several schools around the county. He was beautiful and Nats looked like a Natural!


The Natural



Horsing around

Horsing around

more to come, I have TONS to go through, and they all look  great!


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