My First Socks, Day 4-5

Finally,  The Heel

After several attempts at turning the heel, The Sock is coming along smoothly-

We took Saturday afternoon off as work was caught up and looking forward to getting started on The Heel. I had all day Sunday to work on it too, and was able to tackle this new “turn of events” without any interruptions. I didn’t have to bake biscotti, although they are now depleted down to where I can see the bottom of the cookie jar, so baking is on the calendar for next Sunday.

I ripped the heel out 5 times before finally getting the turn centered and was then able to move on to the instep.

Sock heel, right side

Sock heel, right side

Sock heel, inside view

Sock heel, inside view

Not much to see of the instep yet, just my 3 needles all crossed over-I’ll post the foot when I get more added one, but the gusset is looking like the picture now 🙂


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