CJ' Surgery

CJ called me this evening-she had her surgery today.

She sounded ok, shrugging it off as relatively uneventful,  sounding only a little stressed. Little Rhonda wailed in indignation in the background as her daddy attempted to cajole her into Dreamland, but Little Girl wasn’t having any of it…oh the memories come rushing back to (not so long ago) days when her Mommy was as little and every bit as vocal! Has it been that long?

As I work diligently on my first sock, I feel a calm sweep over me. Handiwork is so relaxing, I am swept away with thoughts of younger days. Some memories cause a small shudder- how did I manage to keep my sanity with two small children, one only a baby and the other, a toddler. There were days when I could have ripped my hair out in frustration.

Like the time Christy and her brother thought it would be fun to have an Oatmeal and Tea Party in the bedroom, with a brand new canister of Quaker Oats. I should have known when things got quiet, too quiet…..until I went to get them for lunch, only to discover they had served up an entire box of Oats in Christy’s room, all over the bed, the little tea cups and saucers neatly piled high with the powdery oats, and that red shag carpet…….I will never forget that carpet, and the amounts of hidden particles I would find months, no YEARS later. That stuff can get in the smallest spaces! I thank the Gods to this day, my children could not read: “Just add water”!

Oyes, those pitiful wailings in the background sounded so familiar, Baby Rhonda. Your Mommy is in for some fun times~and she will survive, because she will remember her younger days, as I do now.

BIG HUGS to yo, CJ, my Baby Girl. You are so blesssed and I am so proud of you.


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  1. Paula
    May 19, 2009 @ 08:16:08

    I am glad little Rhonda is home and well…I read your posts about her days in NICU…sweet little thing! I have a friend’s little grandson going through the same thing…little Hunter Reed…hopefully he can go home, soon. Yes, I remember the days of children and their shenanigans at home! I could tell some stories…..oh, well! Thank goodness, they are grown, now!!! And they made it!!!


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