Knitting Tip of the Day – Repeat Rows

Repeat patterns can get confusing — did I do that row or not? WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO BE? Writing row # and a check mark never worked for me. Soooooo…I write out each row on a separate index card. When I finish one row, I slip the index card under the pile and work on the next row. Current pattern is 12 rows so I have 12 cards numbered from 1 to 12. Works like a dream.And I hold them together with a paperclip which also serves as a cable needle!

— Deb Suta

— Note: These tips are submitted by customers for the benefit of other customers and are not edited by Lion Brand

I usually make a check next to the beginning of each row started, when I’ve completed it. That can get messy when you have to repeat every even row and remember where you left off at.

If I plan to make more than one, say, Dish Cloth/Face Cloth,  I’m going to try the index card in the future, so I am not marking up my printouts.

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