Nats Interview Went Well!

Baby Rhonda and Nats April 9, 2009
Baby Rhonda and Nats April 9, 2009

Chrsty sent me some new pictures of Baby Rhonda! She’s up to 7.7 lbs 🙂

Nats had an interview at Sentry today at 9:30am. I had to pick up a few things while she was being interviewed, and we got done at about the same time.

The lady she spoke with, told her they are starting her as a Checker, and after listening to her reasons for needing another job, she told Nats they could certainly give her more hours, and they definitely need her. She was absolutely glowing when she walked up to me to give me the good news! Debbie, the Interviewer, told Nats she would talk with the Store Manager and call her back tomorrow to let her know when she can come in again, to finalize paperwork, etc.

Now maybe Nats can save up for her car some more, and get one real soon! I am so hoping for the best tomorrow!

New Project News and Nats Updates to follow~



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