Scientific American Frontiers ~ Alan Alda and Kids

I saw an episode this morning that was very interesting:

“Fat and Happy?”
Show 1110
Airdate: May 1, 2001

Doctor Empathy

Obesity Begins at Home
Couch Potato Kids
Eat Less — Live Longer
The Desert’s Perfect Foods

The section on Obesity Begins at Home was most informative on how we as kids are taught to “finish everything on your plate” and the resulting binge-eating.

They did several test situations with children where they would leave them in a room full of bowls of snacks, and a box of art supplies. The first child (her mother let her eat snacks on occasion) went for the box of art supplies and ignored the treats before her.

The second study was on a little boy, age 5, who’s mother restricted his diet, and only allowed him to eat what was placed before him at the table. When this little fellow was left alone in the room with all the treats and art supplies, he went straight for the treats and did not stop until the test was over! When asked

The final results indicated that children who are given bigger portions only during regular meals, tend to binge more, as opposed to the children who were allowed snacks in moderation between meals.

The rest of the transcript is very informative, so I have left the links as a go-back resource.
This is so totally different from when I grew up, but it made perfect sense!


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