Scientific American Frontiers ~ Alan Alda and Kids

I saw an episode this morning that was very interesting:

“Fat and Happy?”
Show 1110
Airdate: May 1, 2001

Doctor Empathy

Obesity Begins at Home
Couch Potato Kids
Eat Less — Live Longer
The Desert’s Perfect Foods

The section on Obesity Begins at Home was most informative on how we as kids are taught to “finish everything on your plate” and the resulting binge-eating.

They did several test situations with children where they would leave them in a room full of bowls of snacks, and a box of art supplies. The first child (her mother let her eat snacks on occasion) went for the box of art supplies and ignored the treats before her.

The second study was on a little boy, age 5, who’s mother restricted his diet, and only allowed him to eat what was placed before him at the table. When this little fellow was left alone in the room with all the treats and art supplies, he went straight for the treats and did not stop until the test was over! When asked

The final results indicated that children who are given bigger portions only during regular meals, tend to binge more, as opposed to the children who were allowed snacks in moderation between meals.

The rest of the transcript is very informative, so I have left the links as a go-back resource.
This is so totally different from when I grew up, but it made perfect sense!

Grooming Day!

Igor got groomed today~he’s such a Handsome Boy!

I got started while the sun was out, but it clouded up and got too windy to groom outside, so we brought everything upstairs and set up in the living room, where I had plenty of light to work from.

Got Igor up on the table at about 1:30pm, and did a full body-shave all the way down for summer. I left his face and feet for another day, and just trimmed around his eyes so he can see for a few more days.

It took me 2.3 hours to get done, but the results are priceless!

Igor's New Do~

All Legs!

taken with my Amazing Cell Phone, a tad bit dark~

Bad Moon Rising or Teh Tollway Blues

The saga of the Indiana Road-trip/Crap-tastic Weekend continues…or is it a Bad Moon Rising??

I got a Notice of Toll Violation from the IL Tollway today.  They said it was a failure to pay for tolls from April 9-12, but we have our IPass Transponder installed in the window in plain view.

One can not tell from the new sensors they’ve installed along the IL tollway, if the transponder is working or not, you can’t see any flashing lights like before, when you’re driving through three lanes doing the speed limit-they have them all set up above you when you pass under them, and the toll lanes are like a 3 lane open Highway now, not like before when you had to jockey into position to get in the fast lane, and slooooooooow doooooooooown real slow so you didn’t crash into the concrete dividers or each other.

So, I went online and checked my IPass account and looked up all activity for the month of April-they had no record of  transactions, which means my transponder is dead. This means I now have to turn it in for  a new one, which I do not want or need-we haven’t used it in over 2 years.

I hope they can take back the transponder and reverse all those fines and refund us or apply our balance toward the fees owed. The total came to $7.30 for 8 toll charges, then they charged $20 per each x 8 for a grand total of $167.30!!!

I have to call their 1-8oo # on Monday and hope to get this straightened out with little trouble….updates to follow….