More than Words~

Today was a tough one.

We learned in an email from Janet last night,  Rod died. Mike is tearing the place apart, looking for photos.  We talked for hours in Garage World, revisited the past. Mike is hurting.

I am visiting my past again too-Mom’s birthday was April 15th. I didn’t forget, I never will. She is always with me, and I remember how she taught me to do the right thing, no matter what. I have become her, and I am comfortable with that. Now I tell my children how their Grandma was, in life.  I hope they are listening.

My Mom, (Laurena, “Penny”) was Real People. If you got close enough to know her, then you were OK in her book. If you didn’t stand up to her, then you were not worth her time-you didn’t have to agree with everything she said, but you had to have an opinion.  When you earned her respect, you were in and you knew it. Few people ever reached that level with her-she had a small circle of friends and liked it that way.

I find myself in the same mind-set these days. I don’t expect too much from people, so I’m not disappointed when they don’t come through, as I would hope. I don’t think that’s being “jaded”, it’s just being realistic.