Our Fave Nursery is GONE! :*(

We went over to our Fave nursery down on Pleasant Lake Rd. only to find it chained off and a Keefe Realty sign out front…what happened???

I need to get Roma tomatoes, basil and parsley for my Italian container garden, and some Margarita’s for the front porch. They always look so pretty draped over the rail.

Guess we’ll have to check out Lowes next week, and maybe the weather will stay warm now… looks like more of the same this week, as last. Rain and 60’s to low 7o’s during the day, and low 50’s at night.  At this rate, DH will not get the deck stained until late June-the temps at night have to remain above 60, or the stain won’t dry properly. And if he doesn’t stain, I don’t get to put anything out on the deck.

Soon it will be too late for my container gardens. I’ll have to come up with something out by the Shed Garden 🙂

The Shed Garden

The Shed Garden - Watch out Miss Pepper, the Iron Heron will get you!

So, today, I moved all the cacti out front at the front door. They will get enough sun to flourish, and if they’re happy, maybe even bloom this year.  🙂

My First Socks- FINISHED!

I finished my first EVER pair of socks, WHOOHOO!

My First Socks

My First Socks

They were a nice, simple project for my first attempt, and it looks as thought there is almost enough yarn leftover to make another pair!  OH and I love the feel, and they fit perfectly!

There’s always that little bit of let-down after completing a project, it’s like the moments after Thanksgiving dinner- when it’s all over and you are looking around like, “what just happened?”

Orders are done, Mr. is taking the weekend off again, so I’m off  for the evening too.  He’ll have to get cracking Monday morning to get these orders ready to go out, his bin is overflowing!

Going to go see about starting dinner and then dive into another project. 😀

Have a beautiful weekend!


My First Socks- This time it's Serious~.

I took 2 days off from knitting to prove a point.

NO, I’m not “obsessed” and YES, I CAN quit anytime I want.  I choose not to, so DH will have to deal with my “obsession”.  Besides, it’s good therapy,  I am keeping busy in my down-time and not pestering DH to fix the mailbox that’s been broke since last October when some drunks mowed it down. …I miss not getting a paper on Sunday.

I have been busy actually, with other duties and priorities.

I think it’s safe to go back in the water again-I haven’t knit a single stitch in two whole days, and I’ve actually spoken with another human being once or twice, in order to prove I’m not so deep into my knitting that I cannot communicate above an occassional grunt or “uh-huh” 🙂

SO, today, I’m finishing my sock (foot) and if I play my cards right, might even get to the toe-I’m only about 1 ” from beginning my toe decs. so yeah I can do this!

I just don’t understand how or why one persons “obsession” becomes a problem. I am having fun, what’s the harm in that? I’m being creative, I’m happy doing this, and studies have shown that people need something to occupy their hands and minds during quiet restful times, so that they can function better during a normal work routine. Stress levels are reduces, and there’s a certain sense of accomplishment involved when you can complete a task successfully.

Maybe I am “obsessed”. I digress- I recognize that I have OCD. Never mind the fact there are dozens of varieties of OCD, the fact that I recognize my shortcomings and idiosynchricities. This is my way of handling my OCD, by doing one thing at a time, whatever that thing happens to be at the time, that preoccupation which my brain says it needs to finish, in order to “file” all my thoughts in proper order.

When I am sitting down in a quiet room knitting, it takes my mind away from other thoughts which generate anxiety. It’s like steering your car through a car stress-test drive site pylon pattern-when you focus on one thing, and leave out all outside stimulus, then you are able to accomplish that one thing flawlessly-

Which brings to mind driving while talking on a cellphone. There is no way in this lifetime, my brain could handle this! So it is irritating to me to see others doing it-maybe I’m jealous of their adeptness at thinking and doing two different things? I think NOT! Too many times, we’ve found ourselves in life-altering compromises with other drivers who are talking on a cellphone while making a calculated turn, lane-change, parking or intersection decision.

Wait! Maybe THEY have OCD too and just don’t realize it!! 😀

YIPPY SKIPPY!!  I’m at the toe now, and ready to Kitchener ‘er up!!! Hopefully I’ll have a picture posted of me modeling my TWO SOCKS by weeks’ end!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.



We got Igor a new Frisbee for his Birthday, and he LOVES it!!!

….new satellite receiver

Igor's New Look - Flower Face

Ground Control to Major Igor....

He loves that he can see through the hole in the middle while carrying it back. The Boy is walking on air with his new toy!!

He totally ripped the other one in half over time, not intentionally~ it got a crack one day when it was cold outside and came down on it’s side on the driveway…from then on, it was Igor’s mission in life to try and pull it apart any way possible!

He’s got holes punched in this one already, a cheapo knockoff we got at the Pet Store.

He is a Happy   chasing his new frisbee all over Creation, he sure will sleep good tonight~

*We also gave him a pig ear, his favorite treat-you don’t want to see that, though… 😉

Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

I was outside with Igor and our neighbor’s dog Wigen,this morning, letting the dogs have their run time as usual. Jo and I stood off to the side of the yard talking, and she shared an easy recipe which I have to try- am going to make it this weekend~Sentry has butter on sale. I know, TMI, but I remembers things better when I writes them down 🙂

3 cups chopped rhubarb
1 packaged Yellow or Lemon cake mix
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 small container whipping cream

Prepare cake mix as instructed and place in pan. Layer chopped rhubarb over top of cake, then sprinkle sugar on top of cake mix, do not mix. Pour container of whipping cream over all, and bake in a 350 oven for 45-50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes, then invert cake onto cake plate or flat surface. Enjoy!

As Jo says, “If it’s not easy, I won’t make it!”

Bon Apetite!


A Walk Down Memory Lane…

I was looking at pictures today. I posted a couple in the previous blog:

Met an Author Today : New Book List in Progress

In another Forum, a group of us was pondering whether we ever stop being children.  I knew I had to respond.

My Mom made me feel like a child clear into my 40’s, but when she began her spiraling descent into dementia, I found that my childish rebellion against her authority was replaced by pity and sorrow for a lifetime of fences that would never be mended. I felt bad for her, and self-loathing for myself. I find myself wondering how I was finally able to forgive and forget, after all the hut, the heartbreak and disappointment I felt I had caused her and myself.

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Here, I am, a little Cowgirl on my own 4th birthday, all duded up.

My Mom grew up on a farm, with a hard-working father, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Their mother had died when they were all fairly young, diabetes-related heart problems. Mom didn’t get along well with her sister Iola, and they fought constantly, as far as I could remember mom saying, they barely got along at all.. there was always the underlying resentments from failed childhood relationships.

I know my Mom wanted a boy. She adopted one once, when I was a little girl. I don’t remember him at all-I think I was about 2 when this happened. Mom was allowed temporary custody of a little boy a couple years older than myself. She told me about how she bought him brand-new cloths, and loved him for an entire year. Then one day, the mother wanted her son back and Mom had to give him up. She was devastated. She refused to give any of the cloths she bought him, only the cloths he wore, when she took him back.

I never found any pictures of this little boy, in all her photo albums, there are none. I think she just couldn’t deal with the loss and must have removed every trace of his short life with us, so she wouldn’t be reminded of him.

Mom used to tell  one story about  an incident when she had us both outside, in the back yard, playing. She told of how she went inside for a minute. When she came back, she found the little boy sitting on top of a cardboard box, laughing, and no sign of me anywhere. I guess something told her to look in the box, for that is where she found me, almost blue from lack of air. She repeated that story to a few of her friends over the years, and I always wondered if that had anything to do with the little boy leaving. She never seemed to dwell on that, other than to say how that incident was just one more miracle of my being alive. The other miracle was my birth, ahead of a uterine tumor that left my mother unable to have more children after me. That, and the fact she was 32 when she had me, probably were enough to stop having kids, period. In those days, it was not considered “safe” or wise to be pregnant at that age.

So it came to be, I was an Only Child, and a girl. If mom had come to terms with that later, I guess I will never know; I have to believe she did, eventually. So much time was wasted in not talking with each other, I don’t want it to be that way with my children, ever.

I wish I had a sister like Jackie on Roseanne, the TV series….I could have used a sister to talk with about things, someone with a different view of things.

tired from my walk down Memory Lane, I’m ready for bed~


Met an Author Today : New Book List in Progress

I just had the extreme pleasure of meeting author Liz Adair-she did a purchase through our store, and when she emailed me, added a link to her blogspot: LIZ SEZ .

Her books sound like just the right mix of romance and intrigue to get me back into reading again-maybe set my knitting needles and crochet hooks aside on a nice afternoon and spend time outdoors with Counting the Cost.

So, I looked up her books in Amazon, to find out she ran a bakery at one time.
My uncle owned a bakery in Lincoln, CA, back in the 40’s; Mom worked for him before joining the military and becoming a Rosie the Riveter or something of that nature~she spent time in NM and met my dad there. They got married in Las Cruces in 1948-

Sam and Laurena Ranelli Wedding pic, 1948

Sam and Laurena Ranelli Wedding pic, 1948

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Calamity Sandra, age 4 1960

Then 9 years later, along I came!

Coincidentally, I worked as a baker for Marsh grocery in Indiana many years ago~did  not know about Mom’s working with her brother until one day when she sent me her vintage cake decorating set and told me of her Bakery days.

Pretty darn cool I’ve met 2 authors in as many weeks~ must sell, sell,  SELL to make money so I can work on my book list now!

It’s truly a small world~ Ok I’m done acting like a schoolgirl over this new-found knowledge and going down Memory Lane~
back to work, Sandra!


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