Oyeah, I had a Birthday~

Oyeah, I had a birthday! I just got so busy with work and all, I never did  get time to post how my day went 🙂

Nats had her GF Brit over Sat for a sleep-over and Mike’s parents were also over for dinner, so I also invited Brit’s mom, Sharon, over for some good eats right off the grill. Mike cooked a Pork loin, that was the best pork I have had in ages!

While the grill was cooking, Nats and Brit decided to take a ride, but wouldn’t divulge their plans to anyone-I was to find out later, why- they went out to get my birthday~ I was presented with the most hilarious American Idol greeting card with the most awful digital singing rendition of  “Happy Birthday” I have ever heard~ it brought tears to my eyes, not from joy, but from my ears bleeding from the singing!!!

They also got me a lovely journal, in which I can write my Memoirs for all to appreciate after I’m gone 🙂

Mom and Dad came bearing gifts as well. I got some Baby Alpaca yarn and a kit for making knitted fingerless mittens/wrist-warmers. Those will be nice when I get a job as a mail carrier and can then handle all that money I’ll be making without fear of all that $$ slipping through my fingers, HEHEEE!

Mom also gave me an illustrated book of knitting techniques, which will be an invaluable tool when I get better at this, my new favorite hobby. I also got a neat Thread Tension Thingy for controling my loose stitches-boy, do I need to work on that~

My 3 adult children called to wish me a happy birthday, (admittedly,thanks to their oldest sibling). First, CJ called, then about a half-hour later, Sam called. We talked for quite a while, and sometimes we didn’t talk at all, just enjoyed each other’s company. Then Richard called a couple hours later~boy, was that a surprise! We talked for over an hour, about anything that came to mind. Mostly we talked about the kids, he’s definitely centered and thanks his focus largely on Dena.
I got to talk with Hunter and Hayley before they were off to be tucked into bed. Hunter told me he likes Bedtime Stories, and Hayley likes to read them, sometimes by herself.  Books have always been a part of me and I’m glad to see Dena instills that same love of reading in her children.

The weather was decent, until later in the afternoon when it began to rain lightly. By that time, Mike was done grilling, and we had a good visit with everyone inside.

Overall, it was a pretty good day to be alive~


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  1. Eadwine
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 00:20:00

    Gosh.. can’t believe I missed this.. congratulations!! 😀


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