Turtleback Sweater Yarn ordered, whoohoo!!

It rained……….yep, half-way through grilling outside, and a perfect pork roast half-done, it rained…but Mike managed to finish it off without too much incident, turned out to be the best, MOIST smoked pork roast I ever had, no credit to the rain-I think it was the marinade 🙂

I’m still working on my Basketweave (basket-case) Washcloth, going to make it a small hand towel, I am finally getting used to this pattern at the 5th repeat……sheesh!

Mom and Dad came over for dinner. Dad and DH spent some quality garage time together going over the Blazer to make sure I brought it back from IN in the same condition I left it in 🙂

Mom and I got to sit and knit and chat a while.
The folks came bearing gifts for my birfday :heart: Mom got me a knit fingerless glove/wrist warmers kit, with some yummy Baby Alpaca yarn in a soft blue, nice!

I ordered some yarn for a shawl pattern Mom and I went halvesies on- saw it at JoAnns in Greenwood, but they didn’t have enough skeins, so I found it online at their website and it was on sale !! PLUS I got the shipping for only $2.95 for signing up for a first-time account online

I‘m going to do The Turtleback Shawl Sweater in this yarn:

Patons Divine Yarn
Divine Yarn-Deep Earth
SKU# CBA261 069643

I fell in love with the feel and color when Bonnie and I were shopping there this past weekend. I am not good at picking out yarns online, I have to feel what am getting.
Today I opened a couple windows upstairs. It was pretty warm upstairs, but by the time the rains came, it was already cooling down……so closed them again, and now it’s stuffy..
Tomorrow I bake, try to call Christy and rest…I can’t believe how wiped out I got from not having a weekend to recoup…I’m such a creature of habit, but would gladly do last weekend again!
Bonnie has been emailing me from Rosie every day! It’s so nice, and I miss her, the emails help a lot~
Got to get some Mikey-Time, have a lovely Sunday!

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