Back Home Again from Indiana~

Happy Birthday, Mom XOXOXOXO

Happy Birthday, Mom XOOXXO

Me and Mom, Oct. 2000

We’re back from our trip, what an adventure!

Baby Rhonda is precious, as I knew she would be. All the memories of my Baby Days came rushing back, nothing changes except the face in the mirror 🙂

Sweet Baby

Grandma Broken Nose and Baby Rhonda, now at 6 lbs!

Had an uneventful ride down, road construction was as expected-never-ending concrete dividers for miles and 45 mph almost the entire stretch from Gurney to Cline Rd.,  a break from Cline to where 80 leaves off 65, then more of the same into IN to nearly Lowell. Nats got to drive from our house to 294 onramp to Chicago, then I took the helm. I finally got a break in IN when we hit Lowell, and she got to drive for about 1.30 hours. It was pretty busy, a Thursday, probably like most, but with Easter Sunday looming large on the horizon.

We got in at around 3:30pm and went straight to Christy and Ryan’s house to rest up. Nats got to hold her new Niece for about 40 minutes before her dad arrived to whisk her off for dinner.

A little later, Ryan, Cj and I took Baby Rhonda for a car-ride- she was a bit fussy with colic, and on a little side trip around Greenwood at around 7, we stopped and ordered a pizza for delivery. I wanted to get a bottle of wine at a liquor store in the shopping plaza we were at, but they didn’t have either of my favorites, Turning Leaf White Zin, or Tisdale, “mighty fine wine for $2.99” owell, I managed to bust my nose on CJ’s car door getting back in the car. (*you can barely see the band aid on my schnoz in the picture of me holding Baby Rhonda) nice going, Sandra.

We spent the night at Bonnie and Danny’s, and I got to visit with their next-door neighbor Sheila, a good friend from my days living in the ‘Hood. Danny’s sister Cathy came over to visit too, and we had a great time just sitting around the kitchen table catching up on neighborhood news. There was a dismal air that seemed to hang over the area, since last years floods whipped out many homes on their street;  many homeowners did not return, leaving houses to neglect.

Bonnie and I met up with Danny early Sunday morning for breakfast before he took off to Cincinnati to the casinos (new to me!) and then Bonnie and I took off for the Craft and Bead stores! We stopped at Michaels first, then Jo-Ann’s, and finally Boca Loca, a bead store in Indy. We took a trip over to Marsh Grocery for snacks for the party later that evening, and I got to see Sandy A. again, and Cindy R. It was great seeing some of the Girls from my Marsh Days again 🙂

Saturday night, Christy and Ryan had Rich and Dena and the kids over. Bonnie, Danny and Mary came also, as well as Ryan’s mom Pat. It was great to see her again!

The party wrapped up at about 8 and we headed back to Bonnie’s to get ready for our trip back home early Sunday morning. I was already gearing up for the long ride back and surprised that I actually got any sleep at all that night~

We had a quick breakfast of donuts and coffee and headed out about 8:15am, I had already gassed up the night before. We pulled into Elkhorn at right at 2pm and got ready for the Poodle Attack! Igor was beside himself-there were two of him it seemed, as he raced alternately between me and Nats and couldn’t make up his mind who he was happier to see! When Mike got out the last of our treasures from the back of the Blazer, Igor promptly jumped into the back and sat as if waiting for his Car Ride. I had to coax him out with the promise of biscotti, and only then did he get down and follow us back inside, only to rain more kisses upon me than I think I’ve ever had before! Mike was very obviously worn out from his bachelor weekend, and was definitely happy we were back.

Work was obviously good while I was away-usually is and so now I think we’re back to normal, whatever that is…..IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! 🙂


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