Letter from Away From Home-First Contact

We arrived in IN at about 3:30 EST. The ride was uneventful, although ongoing road construction went on for miles in Chicago alone. When we hit 465, we saw walls being raised on both sides of the north side, but didn’t affect traffic at all. There were a few more condos built since my last trip down, 2004. We got as far as the Kentucky St. exit when forward motion came to a grinding halt within 1.5 miles from our exit.  The view from behind the semi in front of me, prevented me from seeing what the holdup was, but by the time we got to the traffic stopper, it turned out to be a small sedan with three individuals in handcuffs and two police cars.

   Baby Rhonda was asleep when we arrived, so CJ gave us a tour of their house. It is a very cute house in a semi-private neighborhood where only the local residents would pass through. There is a charter elementary school smack-dab in the middle, which will be  within walking distance when Rhonda is old enough for school.

   My first view of Rhonda was from a large TV monitor in the livingroom, which was hooked up to a vid-cam. At first, all we saw was a baby wrapped in a blanket, then a little arm popped out and within minutes there emerged the sounds of Miss Rhonda’s mewings. In another couple minutes, she appeared to be trying to actually toss her covers on! Finally we got to meet her in person, and what an emotional moment that was. Every memory came rushing back, 32 years had passed sinced I first held her mother, and it was the sweetest moment I have ever experienced.

 While we waited for Nat’s dad to come pick her up for the evening (he was running late from work) Nats got to hold her new neice. Baby Rhonda has been having a little colic, so we had to keep her confortable between bouts of tummy cramps, but watched her facial expressions alternate between distress and blissful slumber.

 I barely noticed the camera and ensuing flashes when Christy handed me her new daughter- all I saw was that sweet little face. 🙂

 Sam came over after work for a few minutes before heading over to the hospital to see a buddy who had had an emergency appendectomy the night before. He is so handsome, he will make some lucky girl happy someday 🙂

 We took turns walking with Little Missy during her colic, then we decided to go for a car ride to see if that helped. The minute she went into the car seat, she seemed to relax. Ryan drove us around Greenwood, to show me the new LA Fitness where Marsh once stood. It was good to see so many small business’s surviving our current economic  situation, and echoed a hope I believe everyone must be having these days.

Our next stop as Galliger’s Pizza, and the corner liquor store for a bottle of wine. They didn’t have what I was looking for, so I came away empty-handed. As I was getting in the car, Ryan made a comment and as I turned to reply, got the corner of the car door right in the nose.  I heard more than felt the crunch on impact, and managed to split it right across the bridge. I now have a nice goose egg between my brows and a hideous bandaid. At least Sam got to see me before I managed to smash my face 🙂

 Good morning, Sunshine! I’ve had my second cup of coffee and will be getting ready to go over to Christy’s in a bit. I’ll post updates later tonight or tomorrow!



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