Road Trip- WHOOHOOO!

Going south (Indiana) to see my DD32 and their New Grand-daughter-WHOOHOOO!! Leaving as early as can get my bode outta bed, and hope to be on the road by 9:00am.

I anticipate we’ll clear Chicago by 1 and at our destination of Indpls southside by 3pm (EST) We’ll be an hour different, so I have to keep reminding m’self it’s not as late as it seems

I think I have everything ready-CAMERA, baby stuff, changes of cloths, CAMERA, I bought enough snack foods for DD18 and myself, as well as Teh Boyz-DH and Igor, to survive a small disaster, CAMERA, contacts, glasses (for when contacts are outta my eyes) rechargeable batteries, flash card, CAMERA Yep I think we’re ready.

Road Trip is 5.5 hours via 294 bypass. DH and I are going out in a few to top off the gas tank and get a bottle of wine I forgot (to not drink) last night…ooops, my bad ~ then we coming back and spend quality time together before I have to leave my Boyz…

Seeya’s all when we get back, and will post LOTS’O PIX when I get back online


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