News Release! Baby Rhonda is set for discharge~

OMGOMGOMG!!! My DD32 called today to announce they are releasing her new Preemie Baby tomorrow after 7 weeks in the hospital!
Mommy and Daddy will get to spend the night at the hospital tonight and then they will bring Baby Girl home Friday!!!

Let the games begin…heheehee~!

Postscript: Please reel me in if by Monday morning, Mommy is calling me up crying, “I can’t sleep, I don’t know if I’m doing the right things…I NEED MY MOMMY!!!”

Nats and I are set to go down next Thursday, and I got clearance from my BFF in IN who will be putting me up in her “crib” for 3 nights. Nats is staying at her dad’s place with them, and I’ll keep my distance.

(rant-fest now in progress
I have nothing to say to that person she calls her dad, after learning last week that he had dropped her from his Health insurance policy last March ’08 and didn’t bother to tell anyone, least of all me.

I got a $300 bill in the mail last week for Nats’ GYN visit last Sept. 08-that’s when I found out the insurance had been declined as no coverage available at the time.
Needless to say, I got on the phone, got some answers. The lady I talked with in the Benefits Dept got in touch with her dad, and set Mr. J. straight on why he should NOT have dropped her from his policy and that he WILL be obligated to pay for her healthcare for as long as she remains a student, per orders set in my divorce decree. She then called to let me know DD had been reinstated and I got a new insurance card in the mail 3 days later.

concluded. I feel (some) better, thankewe.

I can’t wait to get to hold my new Grand-daughter, and fill my senses with that New Baby Smell….yeah, right, Grandma, how long has it been since you held a baby????….

Then I’m coming home on Easter Sunday and will hopefully have many new pictures to share. CJ has commissioned us to do her first portrait package~ DH and I will have fun in CS3 with all the photos. Wish me luck-I still have to figure out some of the settings on my new camera that DH has been playing with.

Oh before I forget, the pattern I ordered from Annie’s Attic, for my new Turtleback Sweater, arrived today! The manikin’s hair leaves much to be desired, yes?

I can’t wait to get started, after the dust settles from Baby Stuff.




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