The Well Pump, She goes Poof??

Ok guys, this could get super-scary…:

Our well pump began sounding “different” about 3 months ago. Since it’s right off our office in the Studio/Catchall Room, I noticed it would click-click-click during a shower, toilet refill, washer refill cycle, or whenever water was running anywhere in the house. I didn’t think too much of it and made a mental note to keep ears peeled for any signs of impending trouble.

I didn’t mention anything to DH because I figured Mr Radar-for-Ears would notice and say something if things didn’t sound “right”. Not noticing is a good thing, yes?

Then about 3 days ago, he noticed it…the pump’s condenser motor started with the click-click-click more frequently and the water pressure would drop noticeably more than usual. DH checked the gauge- 60 lbs of pressure, normal. Then he checked the release valve on top, and when he pushed it, a spray shot out of it. NOT good. He said that means water has got into the bladder either by a leak or a tear.

Yahoogled for help and found we may have to replace the bladder, no biggie, that is unless we can’t get a part for this older pump. The whole setup is the original that was installed when our house was built almost 20 yrs ago, so it’s not looking good. It could cost up in the $500-range if we have to replace it.

Did I mention we had to buy a new dryer this last Monday because our old one crapped out on us over last weekend??? And the washer is on borrowed time, same year as the dryer, making funny noises during spin cycle.

I called our neighbor/Plumber/Contractor but he and his were not available to take our call, so I left a rather pleading-for-help-ASAP voice message in hopes they get it by tomorrow…

Things may get a bit “hairy” around here if the pump goes out before we can get a repair guy out before it completely fails….and if I can’t wash my hair, I’m not going anywhere in public…..

Please let it last one more day……..or 2?

They say things happen in 3’s. Ok, this is #2 for the year, unless we can go back to Sept of last year when the water heater broke…

And I just got a bill from the Med. Center for last Sept when DD17 went in for a Gyn checkup and booster shots the school said everyone needed last year….$226 for a physical and booster shots at $41.  Now I have to call them up on Monday and ask if her dad’s insurance was even billed, and if not, why. The next thing they’ll tell me is he dropped her from his policy-I didn’t get a new insurance card this year OR last, come to think of it……

and I have a trip to plan in less than 3 weeks…

What next????



manyhorsesmane's Avatar

taking Autumnleaves’ advice: thinking happy thoughts of baby Rhonda now.



GOOD NEWS! DH found the website and we can replace the bladder ourself, IF we can get one. crossing fingers, toes, eyes, knees, and wishing on Vela and Orian~

Ok, nevermind, you have to be a contractor to get one…no retail…




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