Popcorn, Soda-Pop and Baby Burritos

This weekend, we’re watching a cute animated movie entitled “Igor“, only because it was recommended to us by a fellow Spoo-Mom who happens to be infatuated with Poodles only 3 times more than we are…she has 3 to our 1~so, I’m up for some mindless entertainment.

Igor (voiced by John Cusack) is a brilliant young scientist sidelined by a physical deformity. Despite his position as a lowly assistant to mad Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese), Igor dreams of winning the Evil Science Fair and the heart of Gretchen, a village beauty. Aided by a zombie rabbit (Steve Buscemi) and a brain in a jar (Sean Hayes), Igor might just hit the big time. Molly Shannon and Jennifer Coolidge also lend their vocal talent.

Nats has just informed me, she has plans to spend the weekend up in Appleton with her boyfriend and his family. She was suppose to work Saturday, albeit 2 hours, but it was 2 hours more than the 1 day a week she’s been getting for the past 3 months. I’m amazed at her lack of responsibility. She’s going to graduate in less than 3 months, and she still has not applied for FAFSA, and cannot tell us what her plans are, once she graduates. She hasn’t spent a single minute at home exploring her options, choosing to hide out all evening in her room, on her cellphone or on her computer playing (offline) video games.

Since she’s turned 18, she assumes I have nothing to say in what she does and she now tells me what she is doing, no longer asking nor caring for my opinion. Then she gets mad when I don’t agree or approve, and goes into Defense Mode.

It started on Monday, when she texted me, informing me she would be getting off the bus at Jenny’s house and hang out for a while. Monday went on to include Tuesday, and I finally asked her to stay home Wednesday evening so she could get something done at the house, to which she obliged. I got her to clean HER bird’s cage, and sweep the kitchen, and dust her room.

It is making me sick inside that she is being so immature, and if I know if make a big deal of it, she will dig in her heels and that will only ignite the situation. We were suppose to do her taxes today- now I have to deal with this, when she comes home. I don’t feel like doing her taxes at 9pm.  She has to learn to take responsibility for herself, and I wanted to be able to sit down and discuss our tax options with her, as the Tax Lady had with us. It includes her and she needs to know these things. I want to stab my own eyes out with knitting needles out of frustration. GAAAaahhhh!!

In Other News

I got the yarn for my next project, a Baby Burrito for Baby Rhonda, to be done in Bernat Baby Coordinates, “Iced Mint”  …Yarrrrrrrrreeba!!

Baby Burrito

Baby Burrito

Will post pics when I get some worked up. Hope to have new pictures of Little One soon 🙂

Hope your evening turns out better than mine promises to be….



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