The Sandhill Cranes are back~

Had a good weekend, got a lot done on Saturday, closer to completing tax-time preparations, in between orders that steadily came in. Tried a new wine, Turningleaf White Zinfandel-I gave it 2 thumbs up!

Sunday, Nats, Igor and I took a walk and did a  mile-it felt GREAT to get out and get some fresh air! It got to 63 degrees, a beautiful day! We saw and heard multitudes of Sandhill Cranes all around us, over by the pond behind Matt and Mary’s, over toward Lake Wandawega, and Lauderdale lakes.

Today, there were a few orders from Sunday, which I knocked out in a couple hours-Nats got off the bus at her GF Jenny’s house, and they hung out until 8pm. I was just getting ready to burn 2008 to a disk when she called for me to come get her.  Another year done!

I’m working on a new pattern for a facecloth, and it turned out better than expected. The cloth is completed and looks a bit scewed, but the border edging will help straighten it out when sewn on.

Fancy Face Cloth, Lace edging in progress

Fancy Face Cloth, Lace edging in progress

Goodnight, M’Dear~tomorrow will be a better day.


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