Dreamie Preemie Beanies for Babies – Day 1

Preemie Beanie, Orange Sherbet, day 1

Preemie Beanie, Orange Sherbet, day 1

I started knitting a Preemie Beanie today.

I am working the larger size, for a 5 lb baby. I am a loose-knitter by habit, so I probably should have gone ahead and worked the smaller size first~ I am guessingMommy already has a beanie from the hospital for Baby Rhonda, so it’s not really urgent she has one that fits perfectly right away~ they are nice in Fall too.
I’m using Peaches & Cream soft cotton yarn, color: Orange Sherbet. It reminds me of a Dream-cicle and looks yummy already! It’s more for practice than practical. If it fits her, I’ll be happy 🙂

Waiting for a phonecall, Mommy is excited about her first Bath Day today!

Christy writes:

“Oh my goodness, her bath was so much easier than I thought.  It was wonderful.  I should def call tonite.  I need my mom fix.  I need you hear to tell me what to do when so that I just have to do it and not have to think about doing it first.  And those hooded sleepers are supposed to be the thing right now that’s best for them at night.  Talk to ya tonite and (if I don’t freakin forget) she should be over 4 lbs by today!”
Will await good news tomorrow, and good night Sweetheart

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