Teh Dryer from Hell finally crapped out today.

Teh Dryer from Hell finally crapped out today.

It has been eating a pair of undies a week, and a camisole a month. I just bought new replacement intimates, and was getting used to the fact I would have need of a lingerie bag soon-been using a king-size pillow case and tying a loose knot, to keep from losing more garments in teh drum where it would grab and mangle feather-light pieces of material.

We went to Sears to see what they might have in their Scratch’n Dent section and right inside the front door sat our new dryer, 50% off!  PERFECTO!

It’s a Kenmore 600 (Whirlpool) It even has a light inside the drum, how neat is that??

Kenmore 600 Dryer

Kenmore 600 Dryer

Got it loaded in the back of the Blazer, Igor sat behind us on the back of the lowered seats, happy as a ham.

We got it inside without any incident, installed and ran a cycle to see how she ran. We discovered the End of Cycle buzzer doesn’t work, so made an appointment and have a repairman coming out next Tuesday to replace teh broke buzzer. I know, no biggie, but it’s under warranty, so yep, it’s going to be replaced.

My lingerie is safe once again. I am a Happy Camper. 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caprice
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 05:03:12

    LOL! Sandra I think your old dryer was some kind of pervert!


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