Def. a 3-napkin Sub Night~

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On the way to town to drop DD18 off at work, we passes a Cousin’s Subs. DD and I looked at each other and said in unision, “Subs for dinner, YES WE CAN!” We would’ve but would’ve hit our heads on the roof of the T.Blazer so we Low-fived (I can has :lofive: emo plz? kthanks!)I ran in and got all the fixin’s for making my own. Good French bread -not as good as Gonella but works in a pinch. Ham and Roasted turkey, provolone, and salad bar, the WORKS- it was loaded. YUM!It’s become painfully obvious I’ll never be allowed in a public restaurant, EVER. I still cannot eat my subs without the insides shooting out the back, or my getting *Mayotard (Dijonnaise, for you Edjukated People) all over my face, hands, hair

I changed my AV tonight

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SkankZilla is in teh house and I kinda like her but she’s gotta do something with that hair~ maybe I should change to this one:

after that sub, I srsly doubt my girlish figure will survive…



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