Dragonfly Totem : A Trip Back in Time ~

I’m cranking away at Baby Rhonda’s blanket, and it’s got too big for the scanner bed, so you’ll have to just trust me~it’s purrrrrrrrrty!

I’m also working on other projects, to keep my mind from going ‘pastel’ on me.

Dragonfly Pattern (Dishcloth) in progress…updates to follow.

Dragonfly Dishcloth

Dragonfly Dishcloth

Dragonfly is my Totem.

I’ve known this since I was about 10, sitting in the back of my parents’ yard at the “Second Yard” half-fence. (I wish I had photos…only in my memories now)

I loved to hang out in my parents’  back yard during the summer months. Mom didn’t let me run the streets like my friends- she kept me under her vigil so I wouldn’t stray too far off the Righteous Path… but there were trees to climb and fences to sit upon, and I was there whenever the calling urged me…

I visited with Dragonfly often, at the Second-yard back fence.  I’d watch them lite on the waist-high fence, sunning their church-glass window wings in the sun. Dragonfly would turn it’s head to look up at me, and we would commune that way for what seemed like hours. I wasn’t lonely in my Backyard World, with Dragonfly.

There was a pair of apartment buildings behind my parents’ property; the day the Neighborhood Counsil voted to allow them, my parents were livid and set out to upgrade their dilapidated cedar privacy fence, planting Cypress trees as a screen. The buildings towered over the short-lived trees, and the fence became the object of entertainment for resident derelict teens with nothing better to do than torment me in my back-yard get-away. I had a Doughboy 4.5′ pool I enjoyed in the summer-Dad would tear it down every fall and re-erect it again the following summer. That pool lasted 3 yrs. I spent much of my free time playing in that pool, pretending I was a mermaid and the pool was my ocean.

In the second story of one apartment building, a lady had a parrot, I soon found out. I was swimming one afternoon, when I heard what I thought to be wolf-whistles coming from an upstairs window behind our house. I looked but saw nothing at first. When the whistling continued, I soon realized what it was, and was relieved at the fact I wasn’t being spied upon.

Dragonfly kept me company long after those summer days were over, and I still visit with them as they sun their wings on the deck rails on my “Tree Fort” back deck overlooking my beautiful wooded piece of heaven.


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