Sandra's MomBlog Entry for January 26, 2009 : Nats Turns 18!!

Sandra's MomBlog Entry for January 26, 2009 : Nats Turns 18!! magnify
Today my baby girl turned 18! My Final Triumph, where did the time go?

I made her this “Goth” bookmark, for her Harry Potter book, she loves it!

Her BF took her out to dinner, Olive Garden, Baked Ziti of course~oh! and don’t forget the Endless Breadsticks, YUM!

Then he gave her a lovely rhinestone studded heart necklace and earrings, crystal and garnet.

He ended the evening by telling her his Step-dad is bringing a truck and they are moving to Appleton this weekend. *Appleton is 2.5 hours away, ’nuff said.

No jobs in sight, and the Grandparents are most likely not letting him move back in, so he has no options left. She’s not happy, I feel so sad for her. What a bitter sweet birthday. I don’t know what to say or do to make her feel better, and I know the coming days are going to be sad beyond words…..

CJ had to go to the hospital today, totally dehydrated and under-nourished. She’s lost 20 lbs since her pregnancy started. I texted her tonight, but she’s probably resting, and that’s better.
Funny how texting has become a sort of life-line these days…I never thought I’d come to rely on it as much as I have. Maybe I’m living in La-La Land but at least it’s there, another way to link with my kids.

CJ: if you read this, I hope you’re doing ok. I’m there with you, Baby, sending BIG HUGS, I hope you’re feeling them.

Good night, Luv, Sweet Dreams, and get to feeling better. I love you more than you know, and I’m there with you tonight.

A Gift for a Friend’s Mom : Entry for January 24, 2009
A Gift for a Friend's Mom : Entry for January 24, 2009 magnify
A Gift for a Friend’s Mom

A dear friend of mine recently returned from an extended visit with her mother, who at the age of 92, had bladder surgery.

It’s always so nice to hear about others’ and the close relationships they have with their moms. Rae takes her mother on trips to see the whales in migration, what a sight that must be! Someday I’d like to go to New England or Maine and see the whales

A day never goes by I don’t think of my Mom. So many what-ifs I’ve had to put away…

This is a gift from my mom, in that she taught me the fine art of crochet.

To Rae’s Mom: I hope she likes it.


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