Sandra's Crochet Thread : February 03, 2009

Sandra's Crochet Thread :  February 03, 2009 magnify
Super Bowl Sunday: what a perfect day to spend doing NOTHING! I sat and crocheted virtually all day and it was nice.

I’m about 90% done YAY! Here’s a Sneak-Peek, (’cause I know DD32 is checking) and don’t want to give too much away~ but you get teh picture~ 😉

AND I am expecting some yarn in any day now, for Baby Rhonda’s Blankie (and a special surprise for Mommie too!)

I’m surprising myself for once- I haven’t felt this creative in years and I don’t know why all of a sudden, why now?

Well, yes I do, come to think of it. I think it boils down to, I respond to those who really appreciate me for who I am, not who they would like me to be. I like doing things for people, being nice to people, making them feel better, because there isn’t always a lot of that going around. If I can do one thing that might make someone smile every day, then I’ve accomplished one good deed that day, then the rest falls into place.

My DD32 probably would agree with me on at least one aspect of my being. I’m not as sympathetic as I should be. I have a low tolerance for drama, and sometimes fail to acknowledge others’ predicaments before jumping off on a tangent of self-proclamation and all-knowing wisdom. It tends to become as annoying as flatulence and about as useless.

If I’ve ever learned one lesson well, it is this : never place your expectations any higher than you can realistically go. When you expect too much from someone, you will inevitably be disappointed. I know I’ve disappointed a few people close to me. I can’t help who I am, I am just being myself. That’s not to say, I LIKE who I am all the time, it’s just how it is. Am I getting a thicker skin? Perhaps, but I hope not. I always liked who I am, I just wish I could believe more people felt the same way (or I could quit worrying about it so much)

Tomorrow maybe I’ll finish this doily. There’s a lot that went into it and I’m ready to move on to the next project.

Good night~Me.


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