Sandra's BlogTalk Random Musings Entry for Thursday, January 15, 2009 :The Lucky Ones

Sandra's BlogTalk Random Musings Entry for Thursday, January 15, 2009 :The Lucky Ones magnify
US Airways Jet Ditches in Hudson; All Reported Safe

After watching breaking news on TV this afternoon regarding the latest airline disaster, and seeing the last of the passengers being rescued, we had to leave to take Nats to work-it was soooo cold today (-14° F, -25 C), DH wouldn’t let us go out without him, “just to be safe.”

So I got to sit and gaze out at the frozen landscape. I caught myself pondering, of all things, my own mortality.

I got to thinking about what I would experience, when I leave my body. What will I tbe like? Will it be a happy release, something I can look back on as, “Yeah, that was an AWESOME ride!” or will it be as it is in life, me gazing around in wonder, thinking WTF???

I’d like to think I’ll have a little more sense when my Spirit takes wing, than it did while lugging this body around. I don’t want to think my personality is limited to this body, or does the body dictate my personality? When I look in the mirror, I see the real Me looking back. Sometimes I take a good hard look and maybe I like what I see, or maybe I had a restless night, and all I see are bags under the eyes, and frown lines around my mouth. I try to curl my lips into a smile, but they want to fall unnaturally back down to an Old Crone’s grimace. My face looks tired most days, and my body is rebelling against this unrelenting cold snap we’re experiencing. Who invented the 100-year snow and why do they keep saying we’re having another one, like the one 2 years ago??? If my math skills haven’t gotten rusty, which does not even compute….*bitch-fest in progress*

DH and I were just remarking on the absence of our “Girl” in the Guest Bedroom, until Sunday afternoon. The night before, we had the most brightly illuminated full moon I can recall. The shadows across the lawn were beautiful against the white undisturbed snow and the whole area was brightly lit.
The next morning, herds of deer made paths all across the area, in search of food and scored at the bird-feeders in our neighbors’ yard. They have been keeping the birds and squirrels very happy, as well as the deer.

OH! I did it again, got off on another ramble again~ anyway, our “Girl” showed up again, like clockwork. DH always sees her first; from where he sits at the end of the sofa, he can see down the hallway clear to the Guest Bedroom. And as always, he watched her busy herself flitting back and forth from there to our bedroom adjacent, and back again. I’ve only seen her a couple times moving half-way up the hallway before she turns back around and disappears down whatever corridor she is traveling.

Later that night, around 11:30 as we were slipping under the covers, I caught a glimpse of her exiting the bathroom and scooting across the room in front of the dresser, making a hasty exit back to the Guest Bedroom.

We have no idea who she is, or if she’s connected to the land at all. The house isn’t that old, only 19 yrs old. We are the 3rd owners, and we know the 2nd owners are alive and well. We don’t know any thing about the 1st owner at all, but the 2nd owner does and would tell us if anything was different.
Our “Girl” doesn’t appear to actually belong to any period. She resembles a normal person, and usually we can only see the upper half, to mid-calf, and very wispy and non-descript. She seems to have a busy agenda as she busies herself pacing back and forth between rooms.
My GF D has this incredible ability to channel energy, to tap into it, to get a feel for what is happening. One day when they were over, she asked me about “that Girl in the hallway”, my mouth fell open-neither I nor DH had ever mentioned the “Girl” to anyone. It was our little secret. Nobody in our family takes us as seriously as they pretend to, so we just smile whenever we see something funny.

GFD said she felt the “Girl” was not connected to anything in the house, bedroom or either of us. She simply seemed to be passing through, perhaps through a portal, and she does seem to be interested in the articles on top of my Dad’s Chest of Drawers. Mom is in an Urn there, among family photos and heirlooms. Does she know anyone in the photos? I don’t think so. I just feel she is being respectful, or perhaps just curious about the collection of mementos.

I don’t really seek to know what lies ahead after I leave this plane. I know everything will be as it should be, and that I’ve done all I can do; I’ll continue to do and be the best I can for my friends, family and anybody I happen to meet along my Pathway, and to make the transition a smooth one.



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