Sandra's BlogTalk Green Entry for Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ok, I’m cheating. I made a personal promise not to wear my presence thin with frequent random blogging, and only make one Journal entry a day and possible respond to a couple threads. Don’t want to get carried away. Tends to happen when I get comfortable with my surroundings (or get fixated on a new project) Recipes just have to have a followup-you never sit down to a one-course meal, unless you’re like me and eat dinner at your desk because you might miss a post in LHC.

So here it is, Wednesday already. I have a whole 24 hours to think of my next Journal entry, and here I am, just 2.5 hours into the day. I’m hopelessly addicted, and I really need to get some sleep soon, but there’s no rest for us Wickeds. My brain doesn’t want to sleep anyway, and my body is wracked with hot flashes nightly again. I am convinced I’m allergic to Oatmeal in the morning and cheap Instant Cappuccino mixes, so I tossed the cappuccino out, and I’ll make cookies with the oatmeal instead. I can’t be allergic to cookies~

I was visiting with a dear friend a couple weekends ago, and she had an interesting New Years Resolution to share: D is going Green as much as humanly possible. What she found in her research got me interested in seeing what others are doing. I’m already pretty anal about keeping Mother Earth as neat and tidy as possible; crap, I rinse the recyclable meat trays before tossing them in the Green Bucket . I rinse cans for gawdsake, so whoever is handling the garbage doesn’t get any of my leftover refried beans on their gloves. Ewe.

SO, D shared an interesting website with me, and I jumped on board that following Monday, after work. It was pretty neat at first glance. But then I got a book in the mail on Tuesday, a gift from D, and when I started reading it, I laughed until my sides hurt.

The book is Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life (Paperback) by Sophie Uliano (Author), and you gotta check it out!

I love the website, Gorgeously Green – makes me want to go all Retro on our website, but the idea of NA artwork and aqua bubbles doesn’t quite jell. I just may have to redo Mom’s Page and I think she’d approve.

So, after I get over my Crochet Frenzy, I’m going to take a few moments every day to concentrate on how I can make our house a little more Green! Sounds like a plan, what’s yours?


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