Day 10: DD32 is still in the hospital…..:*(

I’ve been really distracted and feeling like I’m walking in Spirit World lately…

got a call from my SIL last Friday, my preg DD32 is still in the hospital. She has 10 weeks to go before Baby Rhonda’s due date….

The home IV they had her hooked up to for her nightly 12-hour drip (for dehydration/nauses) was working fine the first week, although she was getting a bit depressed merely by looking at it, those tubes and corks hanging from her inner arm…she sent me a picture on her cell phone, I almost lost it.

As the Home Nurse took the daily blood tests, she noticed the white cell count kept rising…by Thursday the 5th, it became a real concern. CJ told me she was going in for a new IV, and that should be it.

Then I got a call from her DH, on Tues, saying they were keeping her, possibly until Thurs. (same time Eadwine was in hospital, come to think of it….)

I sent her a package in the mail on Friday, figured she’d get it in time for Valentine’s Day. When I didn’t hear from her over the weekend, I got a little miffed-it’s not unusual for her to come home from an episode, and not call me with updates for a couple days, too exhausted to deal with anyone.
So I called her cell phone today, she is still in the hospital! They had ruled out the tubes and needle as being a possible source of the bacterial infection, and have an ECG scheduled for later tonight. They want to check her heart (?) because they have run every other test and this may tell them something (?)…..

I started her baby blanket this morning.

I can whip this baby out in a week or so if I don’t pick up my knitting needles again…I can do this……keeps me focused, when I’d otherwise be wringing my hands while my brain is going 90…

I played with Igor tonight, but I was still too distracted to give even him my full attention. I’ll pay for it at bedtime when I try to climb into my side, only to have to Roll the Poodle……and he doesn’t move voluntarily these days.

g’nite~ Me


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