*Bad* Kitty…….

Bad Kitty Dishcloth….



Der mistakens are verrrrrrry obvious in der first dishcloth~I’m glad I redid it!

So I’m on my next one-this one is for my Preg Daughter.

Baby Feet (mine is going to be Bernat Cottontots Pink) She’s got 10 weeks to go, so I still have time to do her blanket.

It starts out with
Row 1 & 3: k1, p1, across
Row 2 & 4: p1, k1, across
are they trying to make me crazy?? Ok, so it will be a good excersise in switching off repeatedly, only I keep forgetting what I did when I have to put it down and come back to it.. I need to learn stitch recognition at a glance…
Row 2: Ah, now I see the pattern, it’s a short version of k2, p2, rib stitch, I think it’s called?
I remember mom using this pattern around the cuffs and bottoms of sweaters she made me when I was little-I would fuss with things when I was bored and those things stuck with me~

I’m not going to post this one in my blog yet-Christy reads that and I want this one to be a surprise~
back to work, I want to get a good start before going upstairs~g’night!

The Happy Hooker

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