*Bad* Kitty Gone Good Dishcloth – DONE!

*Bad Kitty* Dishcloth gone bad…Meow….Entry Update (migrated) for February 11, 2009
*Bad Kitty* Dishcloth gone bad...Meow....Entry for February 11, 2009 magnify

*siiiiiiigh. I got half-way through this dishcloth before realizing, I screwed up the first 4 rows right away.

But I didn’t stop there…I went on to screw up the first 2 rows of Kitty Butt. OCD kicked in BIG-TIME…..

When my thread arrived the other day, I also ordered 2 new sets of needles. Not paying any attention when I ordered them, I arealized I had 10″ needles and thought, Oboy these are short… but I think they are probably better than the 14″ers, when working a dishcloth, but I still want to get some of those, just to have around.

I’m getting real good at ripping out-maybe I should stick to crocheting……..

……..naaaaaa, I’m liking this, just give me time, I’ll get it right~


Project info
Pattern: Kate the Cat Cloth by Rhonda White
Craft: Knitting
Made for: CJ
Size: 6″ Square

Needle and yarn

Needle: US / 7.0 mm
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid
How much? 1 skeins = 95.0 yards (86.9m)
Colorway: Tea Rose
Color family: Pink

Bad Kitty started out off on the wrong paw, 1st four rows of kitty off by 1 stitch…

Many thanks to Cyberseams videos for excellent intstructions!

I’m leaving this picture of Bad Kitty up, so I can be reminded daily, it’s worth taking the time to do it right, even if it means starting over.

On to the next project, “Baby Feet” …can you guess who for?


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