*Bad Kitty* Dishcloth gone bad…Meow….

Don’t laugh, plz?

*siiiiiiigh. I got half-way through this dishcloth before realizing, I screwed up the first 4 rows right away.

But I didn’t stop there…I went on to screw up the first 2 rows of Kitty Butt. OCD kicked in BIG-TIME…..

When my thread arrived the other day, I also ordered 2 new sets of needles. Not paying any attention when I ordered them, I realized I had 10″ needles and thought, Oboy these are short… but I think they are probably better than the 14″ers, when working a dishcloth, but I still want to get some of those, just to have around.

I’m getting real good at ripping out-maybe I should stick to crocheting……..

……..naaaaaa, I’m liking this, just give me time, I’ll get it right~


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