Drinking Alcohol While Operating Power Tools : Entry for February 04, 2009

I can’t believe that was even news-worthy..but apparently Fox 6 News (local) thought it worth mentioning……. DH is ROFLing, says he’s going to invent a new style hair stick, after he has a beer.

Some drunk idiot (admittedly so) in Menomonee Falls, shot a family Golden Retriever, after mistaking it for a coyote. AS IF shooting a gun at anything is even ok??????

The Retriever is miraculously doing ok. The bullet went through his shoulder and exited his chest, missing all vital organs and bones. He is a Lucky Dog!!

Menomonee Falls, WI Police said coyotes are a recurring theme up there, but never a problem. They are going to press charges against the Shooter. I hope ASPCA gets wind of this and castrates the gun-happy Local Yokal.

In unrelated, and decidedly more sobering news, there was an explosion at the WE plant at Oak Creek yesterday-7 people were injured, 1 critically burned. There was breaking news all day and THAT was news-worthy.

DD32 sent an email out-progress updates: She is finally keeping food down, teh nausea is gone and although she will still be on the IV pump for another couple weeks, she is feeling SOOOOOOOOOOoo much better already, and is even putting on a little weight. I’m almost sure that’s some edema from all the IV’s, but hey, that’s ok as long as it’s going in and not coming right back out.

Here’s the almost-finished Pretty Kitties Doily. I’m about 3 dtr dec away from finished, and will get Mike to take a good picture when done.

I still haven’t responded to (name withheld to protect the innocents) stupid outburst about our “f****g dog” and how we don’t go anywhere without him, and most likely won’t. Instead, I’m blogging my ass off in Yahoo! 360. Much of it is reminiscences and ramblings~

I get my point across.


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